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Crystal Catchers

Jade’s Crystal Catchers is inspired to raise frequencies for mother earth and humans alike. We believe healing creates a better future, where we not only survive but thrive. Jade’s Crystal Catchers spreads healing through Crystal Reiki and our unique hanging crystal grids called Crystal Catchers, each created with intention and purpose. We promote a grounded and illuminated lifestyle, assisting you align with your highest energy. 

Jade’s Crystal Catchers are a new way of displaying and using crystal energy. Similar to laying crystal grids, these Crystal catchers are all made for a specific reason and with intention. Each Crystal Catcher is unique in its own way bringing and raising frequencies depending on the crystals and the intention the buyer will set. With the help of certain crystals and the combination of crystals used, they can attract abundances of love and finances, they can also help us study and focus harder, or speak clearer with more integrity and confidence. If you can think of it, the chances are there's a crystal that can help you get what you want a little faster and easier.


Name: Jade Omardeen 🧚🏼‍♀️

Pronouns: She/Her 👩🏻

Astro sign: Libra ♎️ 

Favorite colors: Purple, Blue, Green

My 3 must-have stones: Selenite, Rose Quartz, Lepidolite

Mission: spread crystal love and frequencies! 💓✨

Values: Integrity 🛡/ Honesty⚖️/ Love Above All Else💕

Jade Omardeen

Hey Starseed! I’m so happy we’ve collided at this time and hope to talk soon! Here’s a bit about me so we can get to know each other better.


As a little girl, I was always fascinated by magic and the secret worlds intertwined with it. I would walk pass, and through forests talking to the fairies and elves, collecting rocks, twigs and leaves for potions and protection. Getting in trouble (almost daily) by my parents for bringing a mess into the house.

a few years later at the age of 24 I bought a few beginner books on crystals and other new-age topics such as astrology, chakras, spirit animals and guides. I became enveloped with all this new knowledge that set off a spark in my brain. Suddenly, I was able to think clearer, speak easier and not only that but I became excited and passionate about life. I was eager to wake up and share the new knowledge and love I had received from my crystals and books.


Skipping Ahead to now, My crystal obsession has changed from something for myself to something I want to share with others. I started to make Crystal Catcher in the hopes to raise the vibrations of the earth and to heal the human mind and body. The frequencies that radiate from each crystal help not only humans but mother Gaia too! My mission is to spread as much love and high vibration to people and places that I can and to those who need it. Help build Gaia's crystal grid by keeping your favourite stones in your house, workplace, purse, and even your car!


Thank you so much Starseed for reading my story, I hope this gives you some insight on my goals and values. 


With love



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