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Cleanse & Charge

Image by Chandra Oh

Crystal Care

Crystal care is very important; like us, crystals not only absorb but also emit energy. Good and bad. Before your crystal found its way to you, it went through a chain of people, places and many different environments. Think of the moment, when a group of miners first found the glorious pocket of stone, to the mail courier dropping it off at your house. It’s come a long way to be with you and passed through many vibrations. 


To fully receive the purest energy from your crystal, it must be cleared of any residual negative energy in order to radiate the true properties of the crystal (protection, calming, focus, positivity, etc.). However with time and use your crystal can become weary and tired. Just like your smartphone, Crystals also need to charge. Charging up your crystals helps to give them the juice they need in order to properly do their job. Cleansing and charging go hand-in-hand in Crystal care. Doing them back to back is easy and highly recommended.

When to Cleanse and Charge

So when do you cleanse and charge your Crystal(s)? Anytime you get a new crystal, or before and after you’ve worked with it. Many people go off of how they look or feel. If they’re dull or if you don’t feel any energy when holding it. Some people even say they can feel it by the weight alone! If used in a ritual or ceremony, make sure to purify and charge after, or before the crystal's next use. Crystal Catchers can be charged monthly or more. It’s up to your discretion.



Cleansing your crystals can be done in many different ways. I recommend trying each technique once and then honing in on the cleansing technique you like the most! Cleansing and charging your crystals is its own beautiful ritual. Taking the time to care and focus on your crystal(s) only enhances your connection with them, and the frequencies attached to them. Always make sure you find and create a cleansing and charging ritual that fits you. There is no right or wrong answer, only your discernment. Below are some efficient and effective cleaning techniques:


Crystals love intertwining with their mother Gaia. Running natural spring water over crystals is like giving them a cleansing and nurturing bath. Friable crystals and clusters can break easily when cleaning them under rushing water. To avoid this, try a different technique! Not all crystals mix well with water. The following do not like water: selenite and other forms of gypsum, Mica, Angelite, celestite, calcite, lepidolite, tourmaline, opal, raw malachite, turquoise, all forms of salt including halite.

Garden Soil


Another way for crystals to reconnect with Gaia, is by burying them in soil or dirt for a small period of time (a week to a month). This is a slower cleansing process, but can really help cleanse grounding and protection stones on a whole other level! Remember, after burying the stone, you will have to wash it with water, and the soil the Crystal sits in may get wet, so ensure you’re burying a crystal that likes water! 

Rice Or Salt

Not every Crystal’s favourite way to be cleansed, but salt is known and used for its purifying properties in all corners of the world. Submerging crystals in a bowl of salt will absorb any and all negative energy it’s carrying, or may have stored. However, as I mentioned, not all stones find salt to be friendly. Crystals that are Permeable, Have a high content of metal, or have H2O in their composition (i.e malachite, pyrite, hematite, opal, or lapis lazuli) shouldn’t be cleaned with this technique. If using a salt technique, make sure to use natural salts such as sea, rock or Himalayan.

Rice is another option to immerse your crystals in to absorb stagnant and negative energy. Again, using the most natural rice you can find is the best choice! Leave your crystals covered in the salt or rice overnight, or for a few days (up to your discretion). Make sure to wipe away any leftover residue when retrieving and cleansing is complete. 



The purest forms of vibrations are known to cleanse and charge crystals. You can cleanse your crystals by using a singing bowl, gong, tuning fork, chanting, singing and using a tingshaw among many other things! Over time you will be able to understand when your gems are cleansed by the sounds you hear. Try different sound techniques to find your favourite, maybe it’s a mix between chanting and gong? Maybe singing with a singing bowl? 


Cleansing crystals by using smoke from sacred herbs or natural incense sticks is a popular and well-practiced technique that’s been used for centuries. Simply pass your crystals through the sacred smoke, making sure each side has bathed in the smoke. If you have a large crystal collection, you can place your crystals on a wave basket and slowly swing them through the smoke. Make sure to open some windows, not only to ventilate the room, but also to give the negative and stagnant smoke energy somewhere to escape.

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Crystal Cleanser

One effortless way to clean crystals (that aren’t water-soluble) is to buy pre-made crystal cleansing sprays (or make them yourself!). Made with special and specific crystals, herbs, oils and more; these wonderful elixirs can help keep your collection cleansed for months! Simply spray a soft mist over your crystals, (they don’t need to get wet) and keep your purpose-made cleansers out of direct sunlight and in a cool place. Also, make sure to store them away from any smart screens or EMF sources. 

Other Crystals

Some crystals themselves can even charge others! Selenite, carnelian and large clear quartz (clusters, towers, plates, etc.) can all help to absorb negative energy while charging! Leave the crystal you want cleansed and charged on or touching the “cleansing” Crystal overnight. It’s recommended to cleanse and charge your “cleansing” Crystal after. Some people say there are a few crystals that never need cleansing such as azeztulite, selenite, citrine and kyanite, as they are “self-cleansing” crystals.



Just like cleansing your crystals, charging them helps them, help you and it’s easy! Below are a few powerful charging techniques.


By now you know how much crystals love connecting with nature. One of the simplest ways to charge your crystals is by setting them out in direct sunlight for a few hours or you can leave them on your windowsill, where the sunlight hits. Keep in mind, that some crystals can create a concentrated line of light that could start a fire with combustible materials within the room. Make sure to check on them periodically, as the sun moves throughout the day. Another thing to remember is some crystals -like fluorite- can be light-sensitive, meaning their colour can fade if left in the sunlight for extended periods of time. Other crystals that shouldn’t be left in the sun for long are amethyst and citrine. 


Just as much as crystals love sunlight, crystals love soaking up lunar rays (if not more in some cases). The soft and nurturing energy from the moon is like a gentle recharging bath. Place your crystal outside overnight (check the weather and keep in mind rain and morning dew can affect water-soluble crystals), or place it on a windowsill where the moonlight will shine through. Some crystals prefer this method, such as Selenite; connected to the moon goddess Selene herself. 

Image by Dev Leigh


As stated in the “cleansing crystals with crystals” section above, there are a few crystals that can help charge their other rock friends. Selenite, large clear quartz, large amethyst clusters and carnelian are all known to have this very special gift. Leave the crystal you want to charge on or touching one of these unique stones overnight, or for a few days to get extra charged. Clusters and geodes are hard gemstones and can cause scratches, be careful with crystals that blemish easily.

Purpose-Made Charging Sprays

 Similar to the pre-made cleansing sprays, these tinctures are made with intent and specific materials to spark and re-energize your crystal collection. These purpose-made sprays are available online or in metaphysical stores everywhere.

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